How much does an average fresh flower arrangement cost?

We always like to send out arrangements that are special to you that will also be successful from our standpoint. Most of our arrangements start at $85. This allows us to really be creative and listen to our customer’s specific, unique needs so we can make the work special for them. We do not want to give our customers something that looks like it came out of a grocery store mass produced. We really love to personalize and make the flowers special for our customers.

How are your floral arrangements priced?

We have several options to choose from, varying from wrapped flowers in a bouquet style to flowers arranged in a glass vase. We have many types of collections to choose from. We price our arrangements out depending on the quantities of flowers, the types of flowers, and then a labor charge for the time that the designers spend on the arrangement. There is a delivery charge which depends on the area where it is being delivered. Because we are located in downtown Austin, our location is central so most of the time the delivery charge is negligible.

Is your work guaranteed?

We will always guarantee our arrangements for at least 24 hours. We always ask if you are satisfied with your arrangement, have it be with the quality of the flowers themselves or with the design. If you are not satisfied, you can call us and we will come get the arrangement and replace it for you to your liking.

What are your most popular products?

Some of our best selling flowers are Lilies in Bloom, which is a combination of Starfighter Lilies and a clear glass cylinder with greenery and a custom ribbon tie on the vase. Another classic, colorful, and fun one is our Full Bloom, which is a garden variety of Lilies, Spray Roses, Roses, Tulips, Gerber Daisies, Waxflower, and Mums. Another one of our most popular ones is the Full Heart which is a softer, more feminine arrangement that has pink and white Sweetness Roses, Oriental lilies, Spray Roses, and Tulips. We love using Lilies- all different kinds! Our favorite arrangements are the ones that our customers give us the trust and freedom to create something personal for them or their loved ones.


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Why The Flower Studio?

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Our top quality flowers and friendly service will not only surpass your expectations, but bring you back again on your next special occasion. We look forward to serving you and making your day that much brighter with our beautiful arrangements.
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